Explore the French Riviera on a Yacht Charter to Complete Your Holiday!

French Riviera, also known as the Cote d’ Azur in the French language, is the long coastline in the Mediterranean that covers the corner of France to the state of Monaco. This is one of the most visited places in the Mediterranean, whether in or out of season for luxury yacht holidays.

This is one special place in France where aristocrats, famous artists, Hollywood stars, and wealthy Europeans spend time to enjoy and relax. It is maybe because of the famous “Cannes Festival” is held there every year. However, aside from that fact, the friendly climate in France is one contributing factor why French Riviera attracts many visitors. This place is full of history, rich in culture and art which makes the French Riviera a mystical place.

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Yacht Charter in French Riviera

There is no better way to spend the holiday than aboard a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. One best destination to spend the luxury yacht holidays is the French Riviera. Whether you charter larger vessels or small boats in Cote d’Azur, visiting all the beautiful tourist destinations in French Riviera will never give you regrets.

If you love the ocean and everything in it, but don’t want to miss the beauty of the Cote d’Azur itself and its beautiful landmarks, considering a small boat rental on the French Riviera is one great thing to do. It is because yacht charter allows you to be the captain of your own ship. You can choose which places to go, what food to eat, and what activities to enjoy while on a yacht holiday.

Must-Visit Places in French Riviera

The long stretched coast of French Riviera in the southern part of France is one treasure chest where beautiful historic places are found.

  • Cannes – Aside from its famous film festival, this place is home to luxury and glamour. Whenever you stay in Cannes, you will never feel the ordinary turn of life as this “rich” place has the most indulgent places to enjoy and relax.
  • Antibes – A place where you can see huge and small boats for charter. This little busy town in the West of Cote d’Azur is where you want to step your feet on. Be captivated by the enchanting views of the sandy beach and the rugged mountains when you take a walk at the Chateau Grimaldi.
  • Cassis – this simple fishing village has hidden gems within the place as you walk around the town. There you will see nice restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. When you head down to the beach, you will be mesmerised by the fine sand and lively beach bars. In Cassis, you can also gain access to Les Calanques, a haven of natural treasures.
  • St. Tropez – This classy hangout place for the rich and famous boasts its luxury restaurants and shops. There you can find celebrities and rich businessmen escaping from their daily hustle and bustle. Along its coast are various beach clubs where you can enjoy a dinner with the classy crowd.

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