How to Find Professional Makeup Artists in the Gold Coast

The services of professional makeup artists are in demand for a number of occasions, not just for weddings. You need them when you are attending a special occasion, party, or participating in a photo shoot for fashion or other purpose. When you begin your search for makeup artists in Gold Coast, you will be overwhelmed with choices. There are some makeup artists tied to a salon or company while there are more out there operating as freelancers. Finding a makeup artist to fit into your vision of what the look should be, take note of a few tips below.
Use Social Media
One of the best ways to find makeup artists in Gold Coast is to conduct a search for related groups on Facebook. These Facebook groups are created for a specific community or location, which is great if your search is location-specific. When searching for a group or fan pages on Facebook, use the commonly used abbreviation in the industry such as MUA (makeup artist) or HMUA (hair and makeup artist), in case you need hair styling to go with the makeup service.
Check Out Beauty Schools
Another way to find qualified makeup artists to work with in the Gold Coast is to research for beauty schools. Once you found these beauty schools, you can contact the teachers and ask for a list of names of their best makeup artist students. This is a great way to find the most skilled makeup artists in Gold Coast that underwent professional training and study. There are some artists who have developed their talent or passion into a professional career but lacked formal training or education. You can definitely expect better results from those who went to beauty school.
Bridal Events
Still have not found the makeup artist you want? Why not head to a bridal event or expo in your area? If there is none, conduct a research for upcoming bridal events and expos in your city. Make sure to visit the expo to gather a list of names of makeup artists in the Gold Coast area. The best part about obtaining flyers and brochures from makeup artists at these events is that you can get to speak to them directly. You will be able to discuss and gain insight of what you need their services for. In fact, you can even gather quotations from makeup artists on-site. You are able to hit two birds with one stone: 1) you can gather a list of potential makeup artists to hire, and 2) you can obtain pricing information for their services.
Word of Mouth
One of the biggest hurdles to finding the right makeup artist is the inability to determine one’s level of professionalism until you have worked with one. Therefore, choose a makeup artist that has gotten positive feedback from previous clients. A client who has had a great experience about a certain makeup artist can speak about their experience passionately. Therefore, pay attention to what the clients have to say about the services provided by a makeup artist.