Job Applications 101: Are Pre-Employment Medical Checkups Really Necessary?

After the nerve-wracking job interview, you have successfully contracted the job. Now what? Next, you need to submit all the necessary documents to secure your position in the company. Getting Pre-employment is a customary act mandated by almost every company nowadays. Any medical centre or even a family clinic makes available some affordable pre-employment medicals packages for new hires. Medical checkups are also done on employees annually leaning more on damage control for companies. Requesting medical examination procedures from new employees are done to make sure you are physically in a good condition to handle your job effectively. The various medical centres for the family or solely for pre-employment medicals observes privacy in not disclosing your personal clinical information, but to maintain the safety of the company and the other employees, the health centers are obliged to disclose any information needed. This article tackles the inclusion, importance, and reasons for employee medical checkups:

Inclusions of pre-employment checkup documents:

  • Physical medical examination
  • Laboratory exams and investigations
  • Blood Sugar Testing
  • Complete Blood Count or blood platelet counting
  • Urine test and microscopy
  • ECG
  • X-ray results

Reasons why medical examinations are important in the job selection process:

1. To ensure a fit and healthy workforce in the company premises.

Going thru medical tests as a prospect employee of a company is only natural to make sure you are in your best condition both inside and out.

2. To prove your capability in doing your job well and efficiently.

Specific exams that target the ideal traits an employee should have, like jobs as police officers and other law enforcement careers, are arranged to measure their adeptness to do their job responsibilities efficiently. Pre-employment medical exams with psychological and emotional questions measure your competence apart from your physical abilities.

3. To observe health safety in the workplace and for the customer’s best interests.

It is not just you who can be affected by medical conditions and sickness. The people around you can also be affected. And this comes off as a loss for the company. These medical checkups and records are done by a professional medical practitioner to confirm their precision in detecting potential health breaches. Infectious diseases are a big downfall to tarnish a company’s name like SmartClinics. Any issue regarding health and sanitary can close down any company and lose all their customer’s trust. This is mainly the reason why upholding the protection of public health is one of the top priorities of a certain company.

4. To provide your company supporting documents on your personal record.

Your personal record should be kept by the company as a record for your employment. Having medical evidence of good health will make your referable to your next workplace.

5. To let the company note your competence and proficiency.

Health problems in employees can affect their productivity. With the help of these diagnostic health tests, they can ascertain that you are competent and capable enough to do your work.

6. For companies, to not let problems on health and sanitation cost them.

Absenteeism from work and frequent hospitalization can actually add up to the costs companies need to take care of. Their process to make sure their employees won’t have any potential health problems during their employment will save them from these extra expenses.